Give-Away Update, Crowd-Funding and a Crazy Tool Idea.

First of all an update on the "Wax Sausage" Give-Away. On the first of May we will draw the winners! Next to that the introduction to a crazy tool idea. And than there's this: We started a Crowd-Funding thingy...

This video is made with Openshot in Linux, on an old laptop that's crashing multiple times a day. I never thought I would do this, but as it seems one of the options, I wanted to give it a try. We don't have the funds to buy a new PC which can handle the video and audio programs we normally use, maybe this way we can raise the funds.

All is explained further on: https://www.gofundme.com/sawdust
It seems that it can be a bit of a problem to use this website outside the USA, but there's a "Paypal Donation" Button on our website, (all donations from there will also be reported in the GoFundMe webpage). http://notjustsawdust.weebly.com/support-or-shop.html


Tea Box

Somebody asked me to make a "tea box", it turned out a rather big one and because it had to be "different" it took some work to get all the ideas in my head to come together on the workbench. This time I used a certain Portuguese sausage full of wax for the first time for the finish... an adventure on itself!


A jointer jig..

When I started a new project last week I needed a "jointer jig" also known as Shooting Board.. Time came to make one...


A Medieval Penny Box!

Yes, it was a hard job, trying to get a few boards out of a piece of Eucalyptus, but after some un-successful attempts... it finally worked out.  Our entry for Dominic's Woodwork Challenge Tree is ready; A Medieval Penny Box. All the hardware (hinges and lock) was forged out of old square nails.

You can see all other entries at the following playlist: Challenge Tree 2016
Since we are one of the first to put a project on (even a bit to early, but we couldn't wait...) You can still join the Challenge! Look at the Challenge Tree Trailer (also in the playlist)


Another Boom Boom Box and some scroll saw news...

Just a recycling project for in the studio.. another Boom Boom Box made of an old broken chair, half of a bassdrum pedal and some plywood. Next to that a big thank you to yet another follower who send me some blades for the Dremel scroll saw!

A big thanks to Bernhard Rindlisbacher for sending me the scroll saw blades!

Bernies Wood, Leather and Knife Shop

(Vlog) #41 What would you say to your 27 year old self?

I saw Harry Rogers' video: "What would you say to your 27 year old self?!" last week. The answer he gave to the question was inspiring. So I thought about that question....
Yes in my case it's related to woodworking and all the other things I do in the first day's of my "grey hair" life.

Here's the original video:

Harry Rogers; "What would you say to your 27 year old self?!


An Outdoor Garden Tool Cabinet

Yes, they were neglected, our garden tools. There's no place for them in the workshop and normally  we keep them in the firewood shed, but well, that's getting filled up and so... A few weeks back we got hold of some old hard wood shutters, a bid bend but, you're not supposed to "Look a given horse in the mouth!" Together with some planks of an old door frame we build a Garden Tool Cabinet.

All materials for this build are reclaimed or recycle. The screws, nails and even the hinges are "second hand"... Because the shutters that we found are a bit warped, we had to come up with a system to close the doors, that would... "bend them in place".


#38 A box that goes boom boom boom!

A stompbox made out of reclaimed wood and an old metal shoe-inlay. Yes, the little piezo comes all the way out of China...
The sound is recorded with the camera and doesn't reflect the actual bass- sound, the badly playing on a non-tuned Recycled Box Guitar however is close to reality. If you want to know more on the RBG, follow the link below.

Triple Chaos, about making creative instruments:
New Triple Chaos video channel: https://vimeo.com/user40095218