Not making burglar proof bookends...

It seems that the international woodworking community decided to make bookends this week... Now do we at the Não Só Serradura workshop need to make bookends to?

It now turns out that Jack Houweling did some top secret classified behind the scenes collaboration emailing to ask a few woodworking YouTuber's if they wanted to participate in a collaboration project week.

Hey, it's Saturday, the sun is shining and my twin brother is out on a tour along the café's of Tomar.  Just on the terras with a cup of coffee, relaxing with Fatih, our 16 year old Jack Russel, scrolling the internet. So are we following the community hype? Do we really need to make bookends? neh....

You can see all the bookends video's easy on:

and also on:


Time with Pine 3

Thanks to Chris Pine, we got a lot of extra viewers on our Youtube Channel!


Video #05 Workshop update and the shop clock.

The shop clock is made out of a piece of willow, cracks filled with a mixture of sawdust, wood glue and gold dust and finished with 6 layers of lacquer.


Replacement handle for coffee machine

Delivered the handle at the customer... it looks good and seems a lot safer than the original plastic one.



Replacement handle, part 2

 The glue-up is done.

Made a lathe-jig for the tablesaw. Thanks to Izzy Swan at Think woodworks for the inspirational video's on the subject.

From square to round in a few passes on the tablesaw while turning the piece by hand.

 Sanded and ready for a finish.