Woodworking Europe collaboration Build 2015

The idea behind the collaboration is to show our region of Europe to the world. We all worked on our own projects and everyone released the video at the same time on April 16th 2015

"Build something to display or serve a food specialty or something in general which represents your area."

The idea for this years theme came from us, “Não Só Serradura” (Not Just sawdust) and the coordination was handled by Peter Freitag at PeteTGIF, with the help of Karol Kolanowski at Polish-ed Woodworker. If you are a woodworker, living in Europe become a member of our Facebook Group!

You can see all the other video's on the following playlist:


Little Portuguese Souvenir arrives at its destination.

A while back, I made a little Portuguese souvenir with somebody on the other side of the big ocean in mind. I feel rewarded with his comment on the little package I send to the USA.


Semi-interactive video. You can chose between my entry for the Challenge Tree and the one my twin-brother made. The Challenge Tree is an initiative of Dominic Bender at Dominic Woodworks!

After a few minutes you can click on "channel 1" for Gerrit's "Woodworker's meditation altar" or on "channel 2" for his twin-brother's "Mallet for, and made on a pole lathe".


Abusing a tabletop.

Sometimes you think, after making something new, it would be a good idea to make it old...

This tabletop is made simply from some floorboards, pine and very bright!

Some flames from the blowtorch 

Some “juvenile" carving

Some use of chisels and hammers

Some drilled holes filled with dowels

Some further abuse with a bicycle chain and knives

Makes an old looking tabletop on the bistro table.


Normandy Pine Kitchen Cabinets

Time is passing (to) quickly in the Not Just Sawdust workshop. Due to some domestic problems we didn't have time to work on our current project for almost 2 weeks. But were back, and the workbench is covered under a layer of sawdust. Making 5 kitchen cabinets out of Normandy Pine.
Well number two was the most time consuming one, with 3 drawers and one door. So... one other is almost ready and the other 2 are laying pre-cut in the storage room. Busy week to come!


#16.1 Twin-talk at the "Sunday-room" Table, Episode #2

We had some problems in our old cottage... 
The Twin brothers talk about it at the "Sunday room" table...
Episode #2: Domestic Problems and about a new woodworkers group on Facebook.

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