A Templar Knight's Play Sword

I met Theo, (on holiday from Germany) at the Pelinos Campsite, a few villages further upon the road, and asked him to help me out. As a reward for playing in the video about the medieval folding chair, I made him a Templar Knight's Sword... A very happy young knight!


A Medieval Folding Chair

An old story as inspiration for a 21st century woodwork project. A Medieval children's folding chair, our entry for the 3rd Annual Summers Woodworking creative 2x4 contest.

Wood: Pine
Finish: water-based stain and 500 years worth of wax.
Video Locations:
Convento do Cristo, Tomar,
The Not Just Sawdust Workshop
Pelinos 77 Campsite.
Actor: Little Theo from Germany

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The world of woodworking #01

Sometimes you just come across a documentary or short video on the world wide web that really gets your attention. In The World of Woodworking we will share these beautiful images from artists all over the world on a monthly bases.


Woodwork Recommendations #01

Something different on this page. Not one of our video's or other projects but a monthly woodworking recommendation. This time we want you to meet Tom Fidgen, an author, musician, designer/maker living in Toronto, Ontario.

He has written for Fine Woodworking Magazine, Popular Woodworking Magazine, Canadian Woodworking Magazine, Furniture & Cabinet Making Magazine, British Woodworking Magazine, as well as the Lee Valley Tools Newsletter. But that's not really important. Neither the fact that his first book, Made by Hand – Furniture Projects from the Unplugged Woodshop, was the top selling wood working book of 2010 nor his much anticipated follow-up, The Unplugged Woodshop- Hand Crafted Projects for the Home and Workshop. Tom Fidgen teaches woodworking with hand tools in his home workshop in Toronto as well as Internationally. His website, and yes, you need to pay when you want to see everything, is called An Unplugged Life.
Our recommendation however goes out to his YouTube channel; "The Unplugged Woodshop".
In a non-modern rhythm he shows the process of making beautiful wooden objects and furniture. No shouting, 5 minutes of fast sawing. routing and spray-painting abuse of natural materials but nicely filmed and inspirational woodwork with the use of only hand tools. If you are one of these people who can spare the time to concentrate for more than 5 minutes... watch these video's!


Vegetable drawers / baskets

I guess the surprise was welcome... last kitchen cabinet delivered today... next project? 


Surprise features... some vegetable "drawers / baskets"

Hmm, next projects... 2x4 competition, custom box guitar, stomp box, garden-stage, cavaquinho, restoring some planes, making some bow-saws, drinking coffee, finding time......


#20 Shop update

Just a shop update... a bit about our experimental saw....about the work in the shop and a tip for Peter at PeterTGIF about a camera system.... 

If you are a woodworker, living in Europe become a member of our Facebook Group! 

For those who didn't see all of the Woodworking Europe Collaboration Build video's, here's the link!


Woodworking Europe collaboration Build 2015

The idea behind the collaboration is to show our region of Europe to the world. We all worked on our own projects and everyone released the video at the same time on April 16th 2015

"Build something to display or serve a food specialty or something in general which represents your area."

The idea for this years theme came from us, “Não Só Serradura” (Not Just sawdust) and the coordination was handled by Peter Freitag at PeteTGIF, with the help of Karol Kolanowski at Polish-ed Woodworker. If you are a woodworker, living in Europe become a member of our Facebook Group!

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Little Portuguese Souvenir arrives at its destination.

A while back, I made a little Portuguese souvenir with somebody on the other side of the big ocean in mind. I feel rewarded with his comment on the little package I send to the USA.