Halloween Spotlight Covers

Made in almost complete darkness, surrounded by uninvited creatures...
Halloween Spotlight filters. Our entry for the Simply Wooden Creations Scroll Saw Contest 2015.


Making a Sliding Door out of reclaimed and leftover wood (part 1)

When we restored our 200 year old Portuguese cottage, we took out all internal doors. They just take away to much floor space in such a small house. As we did have a lot of original Art-Deco fabric, we hang up curtains in every door opening. But at one particular place we (well my lovely wife) decided to back a door. A sliding door!

This is just part one of the build because I realized, while video-taping the project, that it takes more then 10 minutes to cover the process.


A New Mailbox..

We are getting little boxes by mail, mostly with electronic parts for our Recycled Box Guitar builds. Our old mailbox just was to small, and so we would find some packages in front of the door or on top of the mailbox... A problem that had to be solved!


My twin brother came back from a long vacation, the weather was really, really bad and we made a birdhouse for the Summers Woodworking's birdhouse contest 2015.


#25 A docking station..

There are docking stations for iPhones, mp3 players etc. So now I got an electric device that needs charging, I decided to make one myself. A bit of reclaimed pine and oak...