An Outdoor Garden Tool Cabinet

Yes, they were neglected, our garden tools. There's no place for them in the workshop and normally  we keep them in the firewood shed, but well, that's getting filled up and so... A few weeks back we got hold of some old hard wood shutters, a bid bend but, you're not supposed to "Look a given horse in the mouth!" Together with some planks of an old door frame we build a Garden Tool Cabinet.

All materials for this build are reclaimed or recycle. The screws, nails and even the hinges are "second hand"... Because the shutters that we found are a bit warped, we had to come up with a system to close the doors, that would... "bend them in place".


#38 A box that goes boom boom boom!

A stompbox made out of reclaimed wood and an old metal shoe-inlay. Yes, the little piezo comes all the way out of China...
The sound is recorded with the camera and doesn't reflect the actual bass- sound, the badly playing on a non-tuned Recycled Box Guitar however is close to reality. If you want to know more on the RBG, follow the link below.

Triple Chaos, about making creative instruments:
New Triple Chaos video channel: https://vimeo.com/user40095218


#37 Upholstering the seat of an old PTT chair.

Upholstering an old PTT chair. 
The "Royal Dutch Post, Telephone and Telegraph" Company used to be a publicly owned company. This little chair is part of the early office furniture. It needed a new cover on the seat, and this gave me the opportunity to show how I've learned how to do it.


#35 video Q&A, wax and scroll saw question.

Midweek video; Answering a viewers question about the wax I used on the little occasional table from last weeks Friday video. I also have a scroll saw question for my followers. Maybe someone can help to solve the problem.


An occasional table out of old drum-kit parts

I had this box full of drum-kit parts in the attic for years, it was never opened after our move to Portugal. Time for some recycling or better up-cycling! An off-cut piece of almond slap was used to make the top of this occasional table. Reclaimed pine and oak was used for the drawer. Drum-kit parts used: 3 floor tom legs and mountings, bass drum wrenches and clips. The box isn't empty by far, so more up-cycling projects with these parts are due to turn up!


Another e-Smoker docking station!

This e-Smoke Docking station was build out of rough lumber that I got from a friends garden. The almond tree was cut vertical while still standing. As a thank you, I made this item out of one piece of it. It was natural dried for a year.

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New Triple Chaos video channel

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