A bookcase..

Temperatures are sky high in the middle of Portugal, bush fires all around and the workshop full of sawdust. Yes several projects are in line to be completed. Today I delivered a bookcase to a young lady called Thea. Made out of an old panel door and some Normandy pine for the shelves. The pillars on the front are off cuts from the old door, the pine and some hardwood leftovers...


It's Summer, Art and Craft market time..

Yes, it's Summer. That means days with 40 degrees in the shade, siesta's between noon and three o'clock. It also means going out to Art and Craft markets, showing and trying to sell the items made in the months before.


The little table made out of Drum-kit parts and a slab of an Almond tree got a new home in the city of Porto..



The tea box found a new home at a village called Junceira..




Experimenting on the "crazy carver" machine

Turns out that with a few extra's the "crazy" carving machine is capable of more than just round bowls... (a few bracket's to be mounted on a friends boat)

A new belt for a 30 year old Black and Decker BD83

So...I was looking for a 30 year old belt sander part... and guess what, because of the good service from www.partshopdirect.co.uk I don't have to dismantle it... new belt just arrived by mail. It is so convenient the UK is part of Europe...


Making "Templar Knight" swords with Ryan and Liam

The question was; "Can I stay a weekend with the kids at Casa Agradavel and would it be possible that the two oldest boys make a "Templar Knight" Sword? Here's the result of a 4 hour "class" in the Not Just Sawdust workshop on making such a sword (including lemonade break) by Ryan and Liam. And yes, after a good night sleep, we visited the "Convento do Cristo" former headquarters of the Templar Knights from around 900 years ago. And in the end there were "burgers" but that's a logical result of a day of impressions, sword fights and learning a bit of history...


An Upright satellite dish Bass!

Yes, my lovely Mirjam had her birthday! Something on her wish list was a bass for a long time. I don't know if she expected a big creature like this one...

So here's one of my Triple Chaos projects:

The bass was made out of 4 component's: A Satellite disk, the back of an old chair, a corner post of a cabinet that our neighbours wanted to get rid of and a few pieces of hardwood that came (as many times) from the showroom samples that a friend gave me a long time ago.

And here's the "making of" video:


Woodworking Europe Collaboration Build

Woodworking Europe Collaboration Build! The theme is "Star" and of course this can be interpreted in all kinds of ways. I made a Flag shaped EU (E)ukelele...12 stars, one singel Euro coin, reclaimed Beech, Oak and some unidentified hardwood, 4 Ikea screws and whatever was available. Parts of it are build the "CBG" way...


Dremel Router Base

For some projects that we are working on, we needed some jigs. No, they're not fancy looking machines but made out of reclaimed wood and recycled parts. The Dremel router base however looks nice to!