Woodworking Europe Collaboration Build

Woodworking Europe Collaboration Build! The theme is "Star" and of course this can be interpreted in all kinds of ways. I made a Flag shaped EU (E)ukelele...12 stars, one singel Euro coin, reclaimed Beech, Oak and some unidentified hardwood, 4 Ikea screws and whatever was available. Parts of it are build the "CBG" way...


Dremel Router Base

For some projects that we are working on, we needed some jigs. No, they're not fancy looking machines but made out of reclaimed wood and recycled parts. The Dremel router base however looks nice to!


Bending wood on an iron pipe

A gas burner, some stainless steel from an old Yamaha, a bracket from an old satellite disk together make a..  bending iron!

Thickness Sander Experiment

Some old kitchen cabinet door, a few pieces of scrap wood, some springs, threaded rod, wingnuts and an old belt sander combined together make: a thickness sander.


Quick and easy table saw jigs..

For some projects that we will do later this month, we needed some jigs. No, they're not fancy looking machines, just a "jointer" jig and a tapering jig made out of reclaimed wood and recycled parts.


The "Mean Machine"

A broken angle-grinder, a working angle-grinder, an old little table, some reclaimed plywood and oak, some old cutting boards, some reclaimed screws and nails.... an experiment called "The Mean Machine"...

Disclaimer: This channel and videos are intended for entertainment and inspiration only. Woodworking is and can be very DANGEROUS.   DO NOT ATTEMPT any silly techniques I use, simply because you've seen it in one of my videos!


The Mean Machine

The first photo's of our latest experiment.
We're trying to make a "Bowl Carver"
And maybe, just maybe we'll paint it green!

The winners of the 1K wax sausage give-away!

As a thank you to our subscribers we gave away something. We are on a very small budget as viewers know so, no, it's not some big items or tools... it's WAX! Portuguese wax in the shape of a sausage, good quality and ideal for finishing hardwood..

And here are the winners of the Wax-Sausages!!!
One goes to Canada, the other to Italy!

Of course we recommend to visit the YouTube channels of the winners to!
Tomy Hovington and Yuval Lahav Woodturning